Its June…Time for Tennis

Its the end of June and here in south west London where I live that means only one thing…Wimbledon.  So along with unseasonal weather that means that British tennis fans are typically now reaching the highest peak of their inflated expectations regarding the prospect of a British winner of this historic major championship.

Now what normally happens is that in about 10 days time they then enter the trough of disillusionment as all the British players are knocked out, the champagne is warm and the strawberries are running out.

However my own interest in Tennis was revived when I had the opportunity to co-present with former professional tennis player, broadcaster and SAP Ambassador Justin Gimlestob at Sapphire Now in Orlando.

Justin explained how analytics are now playing a huge part in the game, in his analysis of it and the fan experience.  Justin made me see a whole new tactical side to the game that frankly had been lost on me due to the hype and fixation around a British winner of Wimbledon. That appeals to my analytical nature and the result is that this year I’m watching and enjoying WImbledon once again. Although the sight of expectant British tennis fans draped in Union Jacks still turns me off a little…


You can see our presentation on the Sapphire Now website.  If you don’t want to listen to me then start the video at about 12minutes 30 seconds which is when Justin joins me.