30 Days – 30 Great Customer Stories

It seems like only a couple of days ago that I posted my blog announcing my 30 days of customer success! But alas, time flies, and today I posted the final story through my @jamesafisher Twitter account.

As promised, I’ve listed all 30 customer success tweets here for you in one place.  I hope you enjoyed reading them.

All that’s left is for me to thank you all for your support over the course of 2013, and to wish you and your families a very happy holiday season and all the best for an amazing new year in 2014.

  1. ATB Financial: Driving Customer Focused #BI
  2. MISC Berhad: Responds Quickly to Keep its Customers Moving
  3. How TeliaSonera Is Improving Decision Making from Any Location, Anytime
  4. Vodafone Germany Puts #predictiveanalytics on the Fast Track
  5. Cooper Industries Simplifies Trade Compliance Throughout the Enterprise
  6. NBC Universal Upgrades #planning and #forecasting for Real-Time Analysis
  7. How VELUX Is Using #BI To Optimize Business Performance
  8. Wolters Kluwer Drives Customer Retention with #predictiveanalytics
  9. How City of Boston Is Using #EPM Solutions To Engage with Residents
  10. Old World Industries Improves Data Analysis, Planning, and Forecasting
  11. Deloitte Seeks Visibility into Profitability, Talent, and Internal IT Projects
  12. Royal Shakespeare Company Puts Advanced Analytics Centre Stage
  13. Zappos Drives Visibility into Reporting Supply Chain and Reduces Time to Close
  14. Danone Leverages #EPM To Use Less Fuel, Lower Emissions and CO2 Footprint
  15. SRAM Drives Faster, More Flexible Reporting with Greater Visibility into Operations
  16. Virgin Media Uses Predictive Analytics To Drive Customer Retention
  17. Villanova University: Empowering the Non-Profit Sector with #SAPLumira
  18. Sigma Aldrich Empower Users with Enterprise Self Services and Visualization
  19. Sharp Standardizes GRC Processes to Free Time for Innovative Product Delivery
  20. Barclays Moves into the Predictive Modelling Fast Lane
  21. SA Health Optimizes Patient Flows with New Dashboards
  22. South East Water: Tapping a Wellspring of New Business Insight
  23. Titan Cement Company: Setting New Standards for Financial Excellence
  24. Sears Boosts Productivity with Predictive Analytics
  25. Why Medtronic Chose SAP #HANA and BW to Stay Competitive
  26. Ace Hardware Using #BPC To Budget Plan and Forecast More Efficiently
  27. Lenovo Uses SAP HANA To Support Real-time Decision Making and Improve Time To Market
  28. Levis-Strauss Streamlines and Tightens Business Processes To Cut Costs
  29. US Cellular Optimizes the Customer Lifecycle with Predictive Analytics
  30. Unipart Group Gains Visibility into the Company’s Supply Chain

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