30 Days of Customer Success

I’ve been on the road for what feels like the last five weeks and have hardly been home at the weekend. So when I got back to London from California this weekend and walked through our local shopping area, I was somewhat surprised to see that Christmas had arrived.

The shops and streets are sporting festive decorations, and all the bars and restaurants are advertising their Christmas menus.  I’m a fan of the holidays – but not in November.

So in an attempt to defer Christmas (for now) and get through to mid December without having to see Santa Claus: The Movie seven times, I’ve decided a distraction is in order.

So please join me in celebrating my very own countdown to the holidays – 30 days of customer success!

‘Tis the Season for #30Customers

Each working day over the next six weeks I’m going to post a link on Twitter to a new customer story. These stories all inspire and show how enterprise business intelligence, agile visualization, and advanced predictive analytics are being used by our customers to drive collective insight.

At the end, I’ll summarize them all here in a blog.

Follow @jamesafisher and the hashtag #30Customers and not only will you not miss a single one, but by the time we’re done it will just about be time for the 12 days of Christmas!


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