Quick Wins? Big Wins? Or Can I Have My Cake and Eat It Too?

Over the last month I’ve clocked a lot of miles heading from the UK to the U.S., to South Africa for the AFSUG events and back to Europe for SAPinsider, and during that time I’ve spoken to a lot of customers.  Those conversations, as you can imagine, have been pretty varied, ranging from questions about the overall analytics market, trends around big data and mobility, to more detailed discussions about how they are building roadmaps to drive richer and more impactful enterprise wide analytics.

What was interesting is that in a good number of these conversations I was asked a similar question which went along the lines of, “But we also want to show some quick wins. What do you think? Does that make sense?”

Well here’s what I think…

In my humble opinion, the recognition that quick wins should be part of a longer journey is good.  The reason for this is simple – quick wins alone are unlikely to make the most of the opportunity that a broader enterprise-wide analytics strategy can deliver.  Yes, you gain value; yes, you can do some cool things quickly; and yes, you probably don’t have to bang on too many doors to make them happen. But I believe they can only get you so far. At some point a bigger, broader change may be required.

That said, I also don’t believe that the delivery of a broad, enterprise-wide analytics strategy is possible without incorporating quick wins as part of the delivery process.  The sort of value they can deliver in a short space of time is the perfect example of what could be possible. That’s great when it comes to gaining the sponsorship of you key stakeholders, but it’s also critical when it comes to proving to the skeptics across the business that an enterprise-wide approach is possible without huge disruption or the loss of the flexibility they crave.

The trick here, in my view, is to find a way to best combine the two, where you can have your cake and eat it. Where you get the sort of quick wins the business loves and easy to use self-service analytics that can be deployed to solve numerous challenges quickly but at the same time contribute to a broader strategy. Enter the value of enterprise self-service analytics.

And that’s where I closed the conversations. “Yes it makes sense, here’s why and by the way… have I told you about SAP Lumira? You can download it free now…”


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